LESSONS at dymacek music studio

Piano and bassoon lessons for beginners and beyond.

The Dymacek Music Studio prides itself on being the perfect combination of fun and expectations!



  • Students meet in small groups of 3 or 4 for one hour each week.  Students play on their own full size digital pianos and move at their own pace.
  • Students dramatically improve their sightreading skills, which helps them move through their books faster = students have more fun!
  • Students in the Accelerated Piano Program become independent learners, minimizing parent's need to supervise home practice.  Students will be practicing like pros before they even leave the lesson!
  • After their first year of instruction, students will have the opportunity to participate in the Minnesota Music Teachers Association Theory and Piano Exams.


Students studying in private bassoon lessons have an opportunity to concentrate on proper technique and musicality.  We will work on standard bassoon repertoire, respected method materials as well as school concert and ensemble music.  Lessons are 45 minutes in length to ensure the student is prepared to handle any challenges they may encounter.

A portion of the bassoon student's lesson time will be dedicated to the adjustment of reeds.


Students who are at an intermediate playing level may choose to move from the Accelerated Piano Program to Individual Lessons.  Individual Lessons are 45 minutes in length and are suitable for a student who is interested in a more rigorous path of music study.  The advanced level of music requires students enrolled in Individual Lessons to dedicate a significant amount of time toward weekly practice. 

Students are also encouraged to participate in either the Minnesota Music Teachers Theory or Piano Exams.